úterý 23. dubna 2013

Learn Czech language: Mushrooming

Mushrooming is in the Czech republic a big passion!

 Except for a few species that are grown at farms or factories, most of the mushrooms grow in nature. Mushroom hunting and picking is very popular among Czechs. Due to their enthusiasm, they are often considered as mushroom fanatics. There is a common belief that mushrooming is a Czech national sport and that this phenomenon is unique. Czechs are also the best experts in identifying mushroom species..

We have a lot of great mushroom foods - mushroom dishes are very healthy and contain lots of quality nutrients. The best of all is, that you can find all healthy nutrients in nature and all is for free! Big importance is to choose the correct mushrooms, because we have a lot of mangy and toxic mushrooms, which eats just forest animals!

Here is a short list of words that you will need when you will pick mushrooms in the Czech republic:

Mushroom picking - Sbírání hub
Mushrooming - Houbaření
Mushroom - Houba
Basket - Košík
Knife - Nůž
Wood - Les

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