neděle 4. srpna 2013

Learn Czech Language: Thanks in many ways

I wonder in how many ways you can thanks in english and I found that in Czech language you can say thanks in more than 15 ways. Today I will show you TOP 5 the most useful ways, how to say thank you and at the end of the article is a link to the audio recording that I created today! Enjoy!


Děkuji ti is saying thanks to someone who you know - to your parents or member of your family, friends or someone who you know or meet every day.

Děkuji vám is saying thanks to someone who you do not know - to bus driver, teacher, doctor or someone who is pretty much older than you.

Děkuji vám is also plural way how to say thanks to group of people - 2 or more.


Díky is the most popular way how to say thanks in Czech language. It's also very simple and you can use it everywhere - in restaurant, in school, in bus or you can also say that to someone who you do not know or someone who is older than you. It does not matter when or where you use it.


The literal translation of word dík is thank, but dík is also a noun! Dík is a little bit slang form how to say thanks, so you it especially on some party or in a situation when you are with your friends.

Můžeš mi podat to kafe? Dík!
Can you give me a cup of coffee? Thanks!


Thank you very much = Děkuji vám velice moc (this is just literal translation, do not use it!)

Please, remember that you can't translate Czech language word-for-word, I mean that you can't say děkuji vám velice moc, but mockrát ti děkuji or mockrát vám děkuji.


Děkuji pěkně is from German Danke schön. We do not use this sentence so often, but here are situations, when you can use this form of thanks:

  • Saleswoman gives you money - Děkuji pěkně!
  • You do not know what kind of beer to choose, but the salesperson will recommend you the best one - Děkuji pěkně!
  • You are leaving the hotel and the receptionist gives you a business card on their hotel - Děkuji pěkně!

Finally, I must tell you that the letter D sounds like it has a hook above that letter (Ď), but if the second letter E has hook (Ě), the letter D has no hook.

But, see the word EVIL in Czech ĎAS. Above D is hook, because the second letter has no hook.

sobota 3. srpna 2013

Learn Czech: How much does it cost?

Do you know, how to say "How much does it cost"? I can't sleep, because it's still so how at night (+31°C), so I made a short video for you. 

Literal translation of the sentence "How much does it cost?" is:

Jak moc to stojí?

But remember - never use this sentence, because it is not right. If you will say "jak moc to stojí", people will understand you, but do not know, what you mean in fact. Jak moc to stojí should be decent, but also rude sentence.

 "How much does it cost" we translate as:

Kolik to stojí? - How much does it cost?
Kolik stojí auto? - How much does the car cost?

And yes, I can't forget - at the end of this video I said "Tak Akorát", that means "just right", but I do not know word-for-word. If you speak swedish it's very similar with word LAGOM :) Not too less, but also not too much - it's something like middle.

A new video coming soon! :)

Ahoj všichni studenti češtiny,

chystám se pro vás připravit nové video, ve kterém vás naučím dopravní prostředky a věty, které s tímto tématem souvisí. Doufám, že vám alespon trochu pomůže. Mějte se fajn a brzy naviděnou :)


Hi all student of Czech language,

I'm going to prepare for you a new video in which I will teach you vehicles and phrases that relate to this topic. I hope it will help you. Have a nice day and see you soon :)

P.S. I am adding here photo from "Czech Switzerland". I have been there 3 days ago and it's really beautiful place! There is a wonder of the world called "Pravčická brána", but Czech Switzerland has a lot of mountains too. I walked to the top to see Pravčická brána 6 hours and it was 36°C, but it was really lovely day. I started at 13:00 and finished at 19:00, so I was on the one of the highest place in the Czech Republic and saw awesome sunset in pink-purple sky. Another day I visited Germany, because it's around 4 km's from there.

If you're preparing to visit the Czech Republic, I highly recommend you this place.