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Formal x Informal Czech language: Greetings


Typical informal greeting is ahoj. You can hear it everyday and everywhere. You can greet with ahoj your friend or someone, who you know a long time. 

Hello! - Ahoj!
Hey! - Čau! or Nazdar!
Goodbye! - Ahoj!

Čau you can also use to greet your friend, but usually čau use friend, who pass by street and you just see him. You just say čau and move on. Ahoj you can also use, when you want to say good bye!


Formal czech is a little bit different than informal. When you want to use for example dobrý den (good day), you greet with this expression someone, who you don't know or someone, who is older than you. You can use this to greet bus driver, doctor, shop assistant od waiter in the restaurant.

Good morning - Dobré ráno
Good day - Dobrý den
"Good noon" - Dobré poledne
Good afternoon - Dobré odpoledne
Good evening - Dobrý večer
Good night - Dobrou noc


All people in the Czech republic use "slang" greetings. Yes, dobrý den is good day, but you can very often hear especially in village or in big group of friends this:

Good day! - Dobrej! (Dobrej means something like when you say just "good"!)
Good night! - Dobrou! (Dobrou means something like when you say just "night"!)
Goodbye! - Nashle! (Nashle means something like when you say just "bye"!)

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