úterý 30. dubna 2013

Czech word of the day: Pálení čarodějnic


here is the first word of the day. Today is in the Czech republic very famous day, which we call Čarodějnice or Pálení čarodějnic. In english I guess you call it Walpurgis Night. This day is often celebrated with dancing, with bonfires, a lot of alcohol and light from the fire.

If you look at this picture, it look very awfully, but this day is really not so awfully as it looks. And how does this day start in the Czech republic? People are preparing and decorating a tree which we call májka. Then we wait to evening, when sun is not in the sky and everywhere is dark. We go to the highest hill in our village or city and set fire to branches, wood or leaves. Before we set the fire, we take into the hands handmade witch (textiles, paper, wood) and insert it in the middle of a big stack. Then we set the fire and čarodějnický den (witch day) can start. We are dancing, talking with others, someone is drinking alcohol (especially typical Czech beer, Vodka or Slivovice) and enjoy very long night. This custom originates from a distant history when this burning witches expelled from the village or town. Today it's just a habit, but the atmosphere is amazing. I guarantee it!

Come back with me to the word májka. How I wrote, májka is typical tree, which is sometimes in the middle of village and present a witch day. It is something like Swedes have a midsommar tree. Overnight must watch this beautiful tree young guys that someone did not come from the surrounding villages cut off it. Tree májka also often puts fathers to their daughtersbefore they wedding in their garden like symbol of fertility.

Enjoy your day and night! Ahoj :)

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