pátek 26. července 2013

Please help keep this blog alive!

Hi students of Czech language,

It's a big pleasure to write this blog, but I think that there are not so much people who read this.

If you wants to read some news and learn Czech, please write here in the comments, what do I write what you would like to learn or what kind of video I would make for you.

I have a feeling that I write just for myself, so write me your opinion.

Thanks in advance!
Děkuji předem!


3 komentáře:

  1. Ahoj! Yes please keep writing! I am a half blood Czech living in the states. My mother is full blooded Czech. I love to learn new phrases and try them out on my Babi! She speaks and it makes her happy when I learn new words. Dekuji!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! I appreciate that! And babi or babička is very cute word :)

  2. hi, i'm so happy to find this blog i love czech and i staring learning a month ago but i'm stuck in grammar is so hard can you make grammar lesson