středa 24. července 2013

Making plural in Czech language

Ahoj všichni!

Do you know how to make plural in Czech language? If not, you are in the right place! Plural is in Czech language much more complex than English. In English, you just need to put letter "s", but in Czech it is a bit complex.

Learning Czech plural is very important because you will need to use them every day and in every conversation.

As you know, cat is kočka. And two cats are dvě kočky. Now you can see that you just need to delete the last letter and put there "y". But what about house - houses / dům - domy?

Y (you put this just in feminine gender - cat is woman, goat is woman..)

Cats - Kočky
Women - Ženy
Goats - Kozy

I (you put this just in masculine gender - lion is man, dog is man, deer is man..)

Lions - Lvi
Dogs - Psi
Deers - Jeleni

É (you need to use é when you are talking about inhabitants from foreign country)

Friends - Přátelé
Organizers - Pořadatelé
Swedes - Švédové
Americans - Američané
Asians - Asiaté

Watch this picture that I've created for you:

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