středa 19. června 2013

Learn Czech language: Is Czech difficult for you?

You may know that every second Czech word can be derived from something and that's why I always say that the Czech language very simple. Really. Czech language has one big advantage - written text is the same as the spoken text. I mean, for ex. in Swedish language you do not read the word nurse "sjukskoterska" how you see it on your screen, but "chujukvoteška". In Russian, you can't say "Russia", but "Rasýja".

Well, back to the point. How I said, every second-third Czech word can be derived from something else.
I will show you a few examples for better understanding.

The verbs

To can - Umět
To jump - Skákat
To fish - Rybařit
To listen - Poslouchat
To drink - Pít


Art - Umění
Jump - Skok
Fish - Ryba
Hearing - Sluch
Drink - Pití


Umět - Umě
Skákat -Skok
Rybařit - Ryba
Poslouchat - Sluch
Pít - Pití

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