úterý 25. června 2013

Czech language: Soft (i) and hard (y)

Ahoj všichni, jak se máte?

Today I am going to show you just a few examples when you need to use soft or hard iy in the verbs in the past tense. Do not worry, it's really simple and easy to understand.

Ženy CHODILY do obchodu nakupovat oblečení - Women went to the store to buy clothes
Muži ZPÍVALI národní hymnu - Men sang the national anthem
Ženy vařily - Muži vařili
Ženy se sprchovaly - Muži se sprchovali
Ženy něco potřebovaly - Muži něco potřebovali
Ženy uklízely - Muži uklízeli

Note that -the woman- is always with hard y (or in Czech we call this letter hard y)
Conversely, men have at the end of the verb always soft i

Do you know how to easily remember these rules? It sounds funny, but it can help you through this very simply derive :)

How are the women? Hard! (Meant strong)
How are men? Soft! (Meant not strong)

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